Sukinn Healthcare India is a leading pharmaceutical company with Global Vision, a group company of “The Sukinn Group”.

Founded in 2008 by Dr. Kiran Virat, for its operations in India, The Sukinn Group has since then become a leading PHARMACEUTICAL & HEALTHCARE company in India, having undertaken many important projects in private and government sectors in India and overseas. The group currently handles Marketing and distributing Ayurveda, Pharmaceuticals, Sanitizer & Disinfectants and medical devices etc.

The company, Sukinn Healthcare India is proud to bring in many innovative products iProtect™ from Global sanitizers & disinfectants manufacturers of world acclaimed from Europe & America and actively involved in Manufacturing and Distribution of high quality pharmaceutical products in Ethical, OTC & Dietary supplements range. Company is poised to take advantage of its rich experience in pharmaceutical sector and operates in most of highly demanded therapeutic segments to provide high quality of drugs on affordable prices to the Indian Populaces.

Our Vision

“SuKinn HealthCare vision is to be the leading global Life-science Company,
respected for our world-class products and Services”

Our Mission

“SuKinn HealthCare, around the world, works toward this vision by providing Quality Products on Affordable Prices to All, that makes a positive change in the Society”


  • Vedamagik /Ayurveda Proprietary Medicine
  • Ayush Kaada in Powder/Tablet form
  • Immunity Booster Capsule
  • Anti-Rumahatic Capsule/ Ointment
  • iLiver Tonic capsule
  • Anti-Stress Capsule
  • Honey based & Sugar Free Cough Syrup
  • iSuperman Gold & iSparmax Capsule Formula
  • Women Essentials for Menstrual Care and Menopause Care
  • Healthy Heart Tonic
  • Blissful Sleep Capsule
  • Memory Booster Capsules
  • Digestion Capsule
  • There are also Single Herb preparations for 8-10 formulations.


  • Multivitamin & Mineral Gummy
  • Calcium with Vitamin D3 Gummy
  • Iron Fortified Gummy for prenatal and Postnatal
  • iRecharge Energy Drink


  • Feed Supplements for Cows, Horse, Sheep and Poultry, Piggery & Fisheries
  • Detailed List Enclosed for Ready Reference

Dr. Kiran Virat Chairman

Sukinn Healthcare Company is the vision of a humble and dedicated Team. Our passion to help people discover wellness through the goodness of Ayurveda was the very soul of our existence. I am very fortunate to have as my Team and find it my life’s mission to nurture this Company to enable us to reach out to people across the world.

Health first – that is the underlying message that the COVID-19 pandemic has reasserted. The pandemic is a health as well as an economic crisis and hence the role of the pharmaceutical industry has become very critical. The pandemic has shaken the global economy but has given the world an opportunity to correct decades of under investment in healthcare.

While the pharmaceutical industry has taken significant strides in developing cutting-edge products in immunology biologics gene and cell therapy etc. it has barring certain exceptions neglected developing new innovative products in the anti-infective segments.

The journey of Sukinn Healthcare began way back in 2008 in USA  with  a curious mind pondered over presenting herbal medicine in a contemporary form. We have spent more than four decades by learning about herbs from the local healers. We believed it should be scientifically proven that herbal medicines are safe and work for human.

This was the modest foundation of Sukinn Healthcare with many innovative range of products. Today, Sukinn Healthcare has evolved as a trusted company that is widely recommended by doctors globally.

Sukinn Global Healthcare Inc. is the holding Company worldwide. The wholly owned subsidiaries in different geographies are run by independent professionals.

It is our vision to make Sukinn Healthcare a household name, a trusted brands providing scientifically validated herbal solutions for the entire family. Indeed, brand Sukinn Healthcare has substantially increased its visibility in several important markets globally.

Our commitment to our core values remains strong. We will continue to operate our business with the highest ethical standards. We will be honest and truthful in all our dealings. Each person who comes in touch with Sukinn Healthcare must be delighted with his or her experience.

With your help and support, I am confident that Sukinn Healthcare will continue to rise and set higher standard in Ayurveda segment.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey.